Just a little about me 
Tina Rivera known as the Stretch Boss has been highly regarded by her
celebrity clients for her miraculous recovery bodywork and tissue
manipulation. She started the journey of healing when she began power
lifting and personal training over 18 years ago. When Tina received her
license for physical therapy, she than began to prepare herself for her first
client at a facility she worked for as a physical therapist assistant. Her first
experience was a walk in the park. That's when she knew she found her
purpose in life. She started getting a lot of recognition for her distinctive
techniques by her staff and personal clients as well. Tina has earned her
name the StretchBoss by her colleagues. Her transition from working for a
company to running her own company has been liberating. She has worked
with the likes of Hip Hop artist Jim Jones, Pro-bodybuilder and fitness
influencer NDO Champ, Artist Joel Ortiz Super Producer Rsonist, Ceasar
of Black Ink, UFC fighter Jim Miller, UFC fighter Micky Gall, Fitness
influencer Joe Defranco and well- known just to name few. The StretchBoss
is not stopping there, she is ready to share the experience of The


  • Body Tempering (BT-C)
  • FRC Mobility Specialist (FRCms)
  • Functional Range Assessment Specialist 
  • Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation 
  • Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist (L.M.T)
  • Fascial Stretch Therapist (FST)
  • FMT Bladed Advanced (FMT)
  • Mobility/Wod Movement & Mobility Specialist (m/wods)
  • Functional Movement Systems(FMS)